10 Wedding Cakes for Inspiration

I regularly roundup some of the most outstanding cake designs that I stumble across during my every day browsing.

In this collection, I focus on wedding cakes.

Rockin’ Wedding Cake

Rockin Wedding Cake for inspiration

My favourite cake of the week! Words cannot describe my admiration for this piece of handcrafted genius.

Silhouette Wedding Cake

Silhouette Wedding Cake for inspiration

Minimalist at it’s finest. A romantic love story played out on each individual layer of the cake. Pure class.

Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake for inspiration

Beautifully plain and simple, becoming a more and more popular option in the wedding cake industry.

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Rainbow Wedding Cake for inspiration

Perfect for any colourful rainbow themed wedding although very large!

Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake for inspiration

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but the floral decoration alone make it a worthy entry on this list.

Top Table Wedding Cake

Top Table Wedding Cake for inspiration

For the more adventurous bride and groom – features portraits of each member of the bridal party as figurines with very intricate table decorations.

Two Toned Wedding Cake

Two Toned Wedding Cake for inspiration

Traditional white icing, unpeeled to reveal delicious chocolate cake – perfect solution for the bickering bride and groom who are at loggerheads over which type of cake to choose.

Wrapped Wedding Cake

Wrapped Wedding Cake for inspiration

One word and one word only required to describe this masterpiece – ELEGANT.

Offset Wedding Cake

Offset Wedding Cake for inspiration

Classy black and white with a dynamic burst of colour make this topsy turvy offset cake a thing of beauty.

Neon Wedding Cake

Neon Wedding Cake for inspiration

Rounding off this post with a wildly colourful neon wedding cake. Simple but artistic at the same time.

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